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    What does Preferred Title Company Do?

    The day you close on the purchase of your home, or investment property, should be a time of celebration. While you're busy taking care
    of preparations to take occupancy, you should feel confident that skilled title professionals are busy with necessary tasks to make sure
    your closing takes place as you planned. The work of the title company begins weeks before the closing date.

    Once Preferred Title Company receives an order from you, your real estate agent or your lender, we review all information for
    completeness and accuracy and the countdown to closing begins. Timely completion of all aspects of the settlement is essential, to
    make sure a successful closing takes place. You will be contacted by our office to obtain closing date and time, as well the names of
    your insurance agent and others we will need to contact on your behalf.

    An abstract of title, which is a history of the ownership of the property, is ordered to review the seller’s title to determine that title to
    the property is correct and complete. A Louisiana licensed attorney with Preferred Title Company examines the abstract of title and
    gives his opinion of title, then the staff prepares a title commitment to send to you and your lender for approval.

    While the abstract of title is being prepared, Preferred Title Company’s staff is busy coordinating other matters, such as obtaining a
    written payoff from the seller’s mortgage holder; as well addressing any title problems or discrepancies which may be discovered, so
    that these issues can be resolved before the closing. Each closing is as unique as the people involved, and much of the behind-the-scene
    work leading up to the closing requires the skills and expertise of the skilled professionals at Preferred Title Company. It is our job to
    facilitate cooperation, coordination and compliance between all settlement service professionals involved with the transaction.

    The closing is the time when the actual transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer takes place. Everything that
    has been done behind-the-scene by Preferred Title Company and the other settlement parties, leads up to this day. The closing is where
    it all happens!

PH: 225-766-6464
FAX: 225-763-6358
9100 Bluebonnet Centre Blvd.
Suite 102
Baton Rouge, 70809

    PREFERRED TITLE COMPANY offers the following professional services for Buyers, Sellers, and Lenders:

    • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transaction Settlements

    • Title Insurance for Owners and Lenders

    • Abstracts of Title, Title Examinations, Document Preparation

    • Limited title reports for current ownership and property tax status

    • All title curative matters to clear title defects

    PREFERRED TITLE COMPANY is an authorized vendor for Continuing Education required by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission and
    offers CE classes throughout the year to real estate licensees, email Debbie Miller for more information.